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All of our meats and sides are made from scratch. The meats are slow cooked over hickory. We do not serve ANY meats in sauce of ANY kind... it just ain’t gonna happen! God help the poor souls who try and pass this off as BBQ. We make excellent homemade sauces and we are very proud of them. Help yourself to them... you can decide which sauce & how much or how little suits you!. Here's an example menu of what Odeen's typically offers, although it is by no means an exhaustive list!
Catering for gatherings of 50 people or more. We smoke and serve at your venue or deliver in advance...as you desire. Please call us in advance to discuss your event! Dates fill up quickly in season. Click the buttons below to see Odeen's Catering and New HEAT & EAT BBQ Pick-Up information..

No shortcuts taken here - fresh, pork shoulder marinated in Odeen’s Memphis-style rub and smoked on shagbark hickory for up to 14 hours; moist, perfumed perfection!

John’s sausage factory is open; no filler, all killer handmade artisan sausages. Choose from Chilli and fennel, Afrikans ‘Boerewors’ (‘farmers’ beef and coriander) or plain old bangers!

Signature Memphis preparation on delicate, succulent baby backs, including the Odeen’s brine, the Odeen’s Rib Rub and a special Odeen’s Rib sauce.

We bring out the big guns for this show stopper, a special high-heat grill and Odeen’s beautiful Catfish Coating, a recipe that the pitmaster learned before he was in school!

We know how to keep brisket moist, and we want to show the world!

This is the pitmaster’s favorite! Heavy on the pepper and coriander, this aromatic meat is guaranteed to win you over again and again.

You know it by now! Tenderly brined and smoked provides a crispy skin and a soft and succulent flesh.

Lovingly brined in Odeen’s special mix and then smoked with an Odeen’s chipotle and cinnamon rub; moist, tender heaven on a plate!

• Cole Slaw
• Settler Beans
• Potato Salad
• Collard Greens
• Corn on the Cob
• Mac N Cheese
• Corn Bread
• Kentucky Derby Pie (Pecans, Chocolate & a hint of Bourbon... the REAL deal)
• Southern Fudge Pie
• Sticky Brownie Squares with Vanilla Ice Cream
• Lemon Squares

Our locally sourced turkey is soaked in Odeen’s Turkey Brine before smoking low and slow to produce a stunning bronzed bird!

Our process requires lengthy periods of cooking and smoking. Thus, we set a minimum head count of 50 people per party in order to keep our prices reasonable. However, we are frequently smoking throughout the season and may very well be able to prepare some extra while we are cooking for other events. Please send us an email with your needs and we will make every effort to accommodate you!

Additionally, if you would like to be added to our mailing list, we will advise when we are attending a public event in the area or offering take out serve (which we do several times during the year).