Starting April 2015, Odeen's is proud to provide a regular offering of packaged freshly smoked bbq and sides available to order and pick up on selected dates.

Odeen's takes pride in ensuring our line of packaged product gets to your home in the freshest possible manner.

We use high-tec packaging technology while providing simple heating instructions to make sure it is in perfect condition as it passes your lips!

Heat & Eat
BBQ Pick-Up Pricing
• Pulled pork   $13/lb
• Brisket   $20/lb
• Chicken wings by the dozen   $10
• Baby back rib rack   $23/rack
• Sausage   $10/lb

Heat & Eat
Sides Pricing
• German Potato Salad   $8/qt
• Settler Beans   $10/qt
• Coleslaw   $8/qt
• Cornbread   $7/8pcs
• Collard Greens   $8/qt
• Extra sauce   $2pint